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Welcome Employers & Job Seekers!

At times the need for employees arises and a full time position may not be an option. What do you do? Call Successful Corporation. We can provide you with replacements within 2-4 hours. Our employees are experienced, therefore very little training will be required on your part. You will pay Successful Corporation an hourly rate. Successful Corporation will in turn, pay the employees’ wages, benefits, vacations, holidays, along with all state and federal taxes, unemployment insurance and all workers’ compensation.

We are committed to providing diversified, quality service that ensures customer satisfaction.

The Missing Piece

We provide the piece that is missing when a position needs to be filled in your company. We can provide the employees to get the job done for you!

Our Staffing Capabilities

Light Industrial, Drivers, Clerical support, Accounting, Management, General Labor, Custodial, Maintenance, and many others!